Karumathy Catering places a high value on customer satisfaction, and we will go to great lengths to guarantee that your event, whether it’s a wedding, a corporate lunch, or a private gathering, is stress-free and filled with delicious food that reflects your preferences and tastes. We prepare our meals with passion and offer exclusive dishes that are only accessible with the karumathy recipe. We go to considerable efforts to ensure that the last thing on your and your guests’ minds is delicious food presented beautifully – we guarantee it! For further information, please contact us.

Kitchen For Rent

Our kitchens can be hired for your commercial cooking purposes. Our rental services include the high specification appliances and services you would expect in a top commercial kitchen that conforms to all relevant food hygiene legislation. Fire & Safety, Pest Control, Waste Management, Maintenance are taken care in a regular manner. Contact us for booking and more information.


Varghese Karumathy’s Karumathy pickles are made using his own line of authentic, all-natural, unadulterated ingredients and spice powders. Karumathy pickles are prepared from scratch, are 100 present natural, and contain no preservatives. Karumathy Recipie sells them directly to clients both online and offline. Our pickles are made entirely with natural ingredients with no additional preservatives. We create the pickle using a Family recipe that has been passed down through the generations to Varghese Karumathy. The pickle-making process began in our own home kitchen, and today we have an industry-standard kitchen that adheres to food and hygiene regulations.