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I come from Angamaly in Kerala,India a treasure trove of delicacies and a paradise for food connoisseurs and enthusiasts. Eighteen years ago, I migrated to Switzerland to work and live with my family. My passion for delicious food and nostalgia for Indian cuisine combined with my innate talent and love for cooking inspired me to continue experimenting with both conservative and innovative cuisine while in Switzerland.

The get together of family, friends and neighbours on evenings before a celebration and preparing various dishes together has been a tradition seen in our home country. It gives me immense joy and satisfaction for contributing to keep this spirit alive among the Indian diaspora here in Switzerland.

When I cooked European-style delicacies, the compliments and encouragement I received from people in Switzerland helped to build a great deal of confidence within me. I started mixing a variety of flavors in my own unique style.When I served the dishes it was the appreciation and support of the connoisseurs that inspired me to start the project “Karumathy recipe”

On January 4, 2019, the first product‚ Karumathy recipe pickles, was released. As the number of customers and the demand for the product increased day by day, manufacturing and catering commenced on an industrial scale. The lack of a spacious kitchen to cook in sufficient quantities led to the acquisition of a large kitchen “Karumathy kitchen” with all the amenities of its own. This also facilitated the catering service. Thus, what started as a passion, advanced into a business venture.

The vision of Karumathy recipe is to provide the customers with delicious dishes made from natural ingredients, free of preservatives and taste enhancers, at affordable prices.